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Dr William Davis

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What's Up with Fructose?

Why fructose intake should be minimized if health is a concern!


Grains and Dental Health

Learn about the role grains have had in this modern problem.


Bowel Flora:  Water and Fertilize Your "Garden"

We've all heard about probiotics, but what about prebiotics and resistant starches for a healthy gut? 


What No One Ever Says

A look at a left-out little vegetable.


Secrets for Surviving Wheat Withdrawal

Many people experience real withdrawal.. This article provides tips on how to get through it!


Sleep: A Weight-Loss Strategy

Learn how getting a good night's rest can help you achieve your weight-loss goals.


One Cookie is Never Enough Thanks to Gliadin

It's always more, more, more with wheat.  Learn why it's hard to stop eating it once you get started!


Detour Dining Out Disasters (members only)

Navigating restaurants!


 Can Nuts Make You Fat?

What Dr. Davis has to say about consuming nuts.


Bagel Brain... an introduction (members only)

The grain that wreaks havoc in places better left alone.


The Dietary Booby Trap: Glycemic Index (members only)

Don't bank on relativity!  While one food may have a lower glycemic index than another, high is still high.


SuperCarbohydrate Amylopectin A (members only)

Learn what makes wheat's carbohydrate especially good at raising blood sugar and impacting health!


Beyond Wheat Elimination: Carbs (members only)

Eliminating wheat is perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself.  How are you doing on sugars?  So what about carbs?


Q&A With Dr. Davis (members only)

Dr. Davis addresses typical questions people have when embarking on their wheat-free journey.


Avoiding Grains (members only)

How to avoid grains and recognize where wheat may be lurking in disguise!


Exclusive Offer - Wheat-Free Market Foods (members only)

Access the Coupon Code for 25% off orders at Wheat-Free Market through July 6, 2014.  (US only)


High Triglycerides (members only)

What you need to know about triglycerides and managing them.


All About Magnesium (members only)

Everything you need to know about this amazing mineral and how to supplement your diet with it.


The Hazards of Nutritional Logic (members only)

The flawed logic behind "healthy whole grains."


Do-it-Yourself Thyroid Test (members only)

Learn about your basal body temperature and how you can see if hypothyroidism might be present.


Wheat Germ Agglutinin (members only)

An eager sponsor of health destruction!


A Folly of Interpretation

A tongue-in-cheek example of how scientific research reporting is often miscontrued, and often fails to draw the obvious conclusion.


A Blog Favorite - One Year Later

We revisit a Wheat Belly Blog post from one year ago, reflecting on news that wheat-belly/gluten-free would be the most popular approach to weight-loss in 2013.  Based upon what we have seen during the last year, I'd say the poll cited in the news article was accurate.


The Case for Real Food

Viewing the processed food industry in a different light.  A case for turning the western diet on its head.


Take the #WheatlessMarch Challenge

Take part and follow a month without wheat.  If you have been on the fence, now's your chance to join others on this journey.


Debunking the Debunking

I recently came across an article in titled “Four gluten-free myths debunked” that for obvious reasons got my attention.  I prepared myself for the same old tired arguments. But this time was different, and I found something terribly offensive.


Are You a Wheataholic? (members only)

If you are new to the Wheat Belly lifestyle, try this out: Eliminate any food made with or containing wheat for the next four weeks and see what happens.